Grant Opportunities

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For Teachers and D200 Employees

The Big Read 2016
Organizations selected to participate in the NEA Big Read receive a grant, access to online training resources and opportunities, digital guides, and promotional materials designed to support widespread community involvement.
Funds:  $5,000-$20,000
Eligibility:  K-12 Schools
Deadline:  January 27, 2016

Illinois Biodiversity Field Trip Grant
Teachers in Illinois may apply to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources through the ENTICE program to receive funding for natural resources-related field trips. 
Funds:  Up to $2,000
Eligibility:  K-12 Teachers
Deadline:  January 31, 2016

Toshiba/NSTA ExporaVision Competition
The ExploraVision competition for K-12 students engages the next generation in real world problem solving with a strong emphasis on STEM. ExploraVision challenges students envision and communicate new technology 20 years in the future through collaborative brainstorming and research of current science and technology. 
Funds:  Up to $10,000 in US Savings bonds, paid trip to Washington
Eligibility:  Students under age 21 
Deadline:  February 1, 2016

Innovative Reading Grant
The AASL Innovative Reading Grant supports the planning and implementation of a unique and innovative program for children which motivates and encourages reading, especially with struggling readers.
Funds:  $2,500
Eligibility: Applicant must be a personal member of AASL
Deadline:  February 1, 2016

American Honda Foundation
The well-known motor company boasts over $32 million awarded to date to schools and community organizations. It provides grants to individual schools or school districts as a whole in amounts ranging from $20,000 to $75,000 with a focus on supporting STEM programs.
Deadline: Ongoing, next deadline February 1, 2016

Ruth Toor Grant for Strong Public School Libraries
The purpose of this grant is to provide funding support on a competitive basis to public school libraries in the U.S. for the creation and implementation of a local awareness/marketing campaign that promotes and positions the school library as a necessary resource in the community, tying in the theme "Strong School Libraries."
Funds:  $3,000 for the project, and $2,000 for librarian and official to attend AASL national convention
Eligibility: Current members of the ALA and AASL
Deadline:  February 1, 2016

Student Achievement Grants
The NEA Foundation provides grants to improve the academic achievement of students in U.S. public schools and public higher education institutions in any subject area(s). The proposed work should engage students in critical thinking and problem solving that deepen their knowledge of standards-based subject matter. The work should also improve students’ habits of inquiry, self-directed learning, and critical reflection.
Funds:  $2,000-$5,000
Eligibility:  K-12 Schools
Deadline:  Ongoing, next deadline February 1 (then June 1, 2016)

Toshiba America Foundation
This grant is awarded to teachers of two different groups, Kindergarten through fifth grade (in the amount of $1,000) and sixth through twelfth grades (amounts of up to $5,000). Applicants must demonstrate a desire to provide an innovative, technology-focused implementation to improving classroom learning for students.
Funds:  $1,000-$5,000
Eligibility:  K-12 schools
Deadline: Year-round for requests of less than $5,000, and February 1 for $5,000 award level for 6 – 12

Clif Bar Family Foundation Small Grants
Clif Bar Family Foundation Small Grants program supports projects that improve communities, support the environment, help create a healthy food system and build strong communities.  
Funds:  $8,000
Eligibility:  Non-profits
Deadline:  February 15, May 15, August 15, November 1, annually.

Dr. Scholl Foundation
The Dr. Scholl Foundation provides grants in the areas of:  education, social service, heatlhcare, civic and cultural initiatives and the environment.
Funds:  $5,000-25,000
Eligibility:  Nonprofit organizations
Deadline:  March 1, 2016

Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams
Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams™ are comprised of high school students, educators, and mentors that receive up to $10,000 each to invent technological solutions to real-world problems of their own choosing. 
Funds:  $10,000 per team
Eligibility:  High School Educators
Deadline:  March 7, 2016

Healthy Playground Makeover Sweepstakes
The Together Counts program seeks to bolster student health and wellness by helping schools ensure that students get opportunities to exercise and eat well.  Can enter sweepstakes daily.
Funds:  New Playground from Playworld and $30,000 for school wellness programs.
Eligibility:  US residents age 18 and older
Deadline:  March 25, 2016

Snapdragon Book Foundation
The Snapdragon Book Foundation provides funds to improve school libraries for disadvantaged children.  
Funds:  $1,500-$15,000
Eligibility:  School libraries serving preK through 12th grade students
Deadline:  April 2016, yearly

Voya Unsung Heroes Awards Program
Each year, 100 educators are selected to receive $2,000 to help fund their innovative class projects. Three of those are chosen to receive the top awards of an additional $5,000, $10,000 and $25,000.
Funds:  $2,000-$25,000
Eligibility:  K-12 Teachers
Deadline:  April 30, 2016

Walmart Community Grant Program
Walmart's Community Grant Program supports organizations working to make a positive difference in their communities and the communities Walmart serves.  The Walmart foundation identified four focus areas for community grants.  These include:  Hunger Relief & Healthy Eating; Sustainability; Women's Economic Empowerment; and Career Opportunity.
Funds:  $250-$2,500
Deadline:  May 2016, next deadline.  Ongoing;  July 2016, October 30, 2016, January 2017

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
The program provides financial assistance to secondary schools for in-service education in mathematics.
Funds:  Up to $4,000
Eligibility:  Secondary schools with NCTM membership
Deadline:  May 6, 2016

Fuel up to Play 60
Up to $4,000 per year is available to qualified K-12 schools enrolled in Fuel Up to Play 60 to kick start healthy changes.
Funds:  Up to $4,000
Eligibility:  Enroll in Fuel Up to Play 60, Have a registered Program Advisor, Participate in the National School Lunch Program
Deadline:  June 1, 2016

Learning and Leadership Grants
Our Learning & Leadership Grants support public school teachers, public education support professionals, and/or faculty and staff in public institutions of higher education for one of the following two purposes:  Grants to individuals fund participation in high-quality professional development experiences, such as summer institutes, conferences, or action research; Grants to groups fund collegial study, including study groups, action research, lesson plan development, or mentoring experiences for faculty or staff.
Funds:  $2,000-$5,000
Elgibility:  Public School Educators or Support Professionals
Deadline: Ongoing

Good Sports
Good Sports seeks to help lay the foundation for healthy, active lifestyles by providing athletic equipment, footwear and apparel to disadvantaged youths nationwide. 
Areas:  Must operate an organized sport, recreational activity, or fitness program that offers consistent and structured opportunity for play to large groups of children.
Deadline:  Ongoing

Meemic Foundation
Grants are available for the following programs:  arts, behavior modification, health/pe, history, literature, math, science, social studies, special needs, STEM, technology.  Funding can be used for classroom projects, field trips, school assemblies, and professional development for educators.
Deadline:  Ongoing

Sony Corporation of America
Sony provides to projects that emphasize the arts, culture, technology and the environment.  It seeks to apply its resources to encouraging the creative, artistic, technical and scientific skills required of tomorrow’s workforce.
Deadline:  Ongoing

For Students

Goya Foods Scholarship
The Goya Foods Culinary Arts Scholarship is available on a competitive basis to students planning to enroll as freshman in a culinary arts or food sciences area of study. Four awards of $5,000 each will be granted every year and are renewable for up to three years, or until a bachelor’s degree is earned, whichever occurs first, for a maximum scholarship award of $20,000 provided the student remains eligible to receive funding.
Funds:  $20,000
Eligibility:  High School Seniors
Deadline:  February 15, 2016

World of 7 Billion Video Contest
World of 7 Billion is inviting middle and high school students to enter its video contest addressing the importance of overpopulation and its effects on the world.  The short student created video should address the problems caused by overpopulation and suggest at least one solution.
Funds:  $1,000; $500; $250
Eligibility:  Middle and High School students
Deadline:  February 25, 2016

Learning to drive is one of the coolest times for a teen. But facts have shown it can be extremely dangerous. You have the power to inspire your fellow teens, maybe better than a teacher or a parent can, because you know what messages will be the most powerful. Create a 30-60 second video for your fellow teen drivers that highlights the importance of safe teen driving and you could win $15,000, or one of 14 other prizes!
Funds:  14 Prizes awarded, up to $15,000
Eligibility:  High School Students
Deadline:  March 7, 2016

Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes
The completition annually honors 25 outstanding young leaders ages 8-18 who have made a significant positive impact on people, their communities, and the environment.
Funds:  $5,000
Eligibility:  Youth, ages 8-18 who are currently working on an inspiring service project or have done so within the past 12 months.
Deadline:  April 15, 2016


Young driver awards and scholarship opportunities 
List of awards and scholarships that include the Digital Responsibility's Don't Text and Drive Scholarship, the Scholarship, and more.
Eligibility and Deadline:  Varies