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For Teachers and D200 Employees


Karma for Cara Foundation
The program seeks to encourage kids 18 and under to complete service projects in their communities.
Funds:  $250-$1,000
Eligibility:  Students under 18 years of age
Deadline:  April 1, July 1, and Oct. 1

NCTM's Enhancing Student Mathematics Learning through the Use of Tools and Technology Grants (Pre-K-12)
The purpose of the program is to encourage the use of tools and technology in teaching mathematics to help students learn and understand mathematical concepts, reason mathematically, and communication their mathematical thinking.
Funds:  Up to $3,000
Eligibility:  Current K-12 teachers of mathematics
Deadline:  May 5, 2017

Frontier Communications
The Internet provides students a vast resource for research and learning. Yet, navigating the beneficial and dangerous places online has been an ever-evolving battle. What have you as a teacher and your classes learned when it comes to cyber safety?Tell us, and you could win a $1000 grant to buy technological equipment or supplies for your room.
Funds:  $1,000
Eligibility:  Teachers
Deadline:  May 8, 2017

Clif Bar Family Foundation Small Grants
Clif Bar Family Foundation Small Grants program supports projects that improve communities, support the environment, help create a healthy food system and build strong communities.  
Funds:  $8,000
Eligibility:  Non-profits
Deadline:  May 15, August 15, November 1, February 15 annually.

Walmart Community Grant Program
Walmart's Community Grant Program supports organizations working to make a positive difference in their communities and the communities Walmart serves.  The Walmart foundation identified four focus areas for community grants.  These include:  Hunger Relief & Healthy Eating; Sustainability; Women's Economic Empowerment; and Career Opportunity.
Funds:  $250-$2,500
Deadline:  Ongoing; May 2017, January 2017

Crayola solicits applications for the 2017 Champion Creatively Alive Children grant program.  The program provides grants for innovative, creative leadership team building within elementary and middle schools.
Funds:  $2,500 and $1,000 in Crayola products
Eligibility:  Elementary and Middle schools
Deadline:  June 23, 2017

Wild Ones
Requests applications for its Seeds for Education Grant program
Funds:  $500
Eligibility:  K-12 schools
Deadline:  October 15, 2017

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest
Provides support for teachers and students in science and technology.
Funds:  $20,000 of technology for state winners for their schools, $120,000 of technology for national winners.
Eligibility:  Current full time teachers who are legal US residents teaching in public schools
Deadline:  October 2017

Target Field Trip Grants
Target Field Trip Grants help schools broaden experiences for students.
Funds:  Up to $700.
Eligibility:  Accredited Schools
Deadline:  October 2017

Toshiba America Foundation's Grants for Grades K-5
Provides funds for teachers' innovative ideas.
Funds:  Up to $1,000
Eligibility:  K-5 Teachers
Deadline:  October 2017

Lexus Eco Challenge
Student teams are asked to tackle environmental issues related to land, water, air, and climate and create practical solutions.
Funds:  Awards range up to $30,000
Eligibility:  Middle and High Schools
Deadline:  October 2017

Team America Rocketry Challenge
Awards young scientists making rockets that carry raw eggs without a crack.
Funds:  $100,000 in scholarships divides between winning teams
Eligibility:  Grades 7-12, teams of 3-10 students
Deadline:  December  2017

Digital Wish Grants
Submit a lesson plan to win over 50 different grants from Digital Wish!
Funds:   Technology Items
Eligibility:  K-12 Schools
Deadline:  Ongoing, Grants awarded on the 15th of every month

American Honda Foundation
The well-known motor company boasts over $32 million awarded to date to schools and community organizations. It provides grants to individual schools or school districts as a whole in amounts ranging from $20,000 to $75,000 with a focus on supporting STEM programs.
Deadline: Ongoing

Learning and Leadership Grants
Our Learning & Leadership Grants support public school teachers, public education support professionals, and/or faculty and staff in public institutions of higher education for one of the following two purposes:  Grants to individuals fund participation in high-quality professional development experiences, such as summer institutes, conferences, or action research; Grants to groups fund collegial study, including study groups, action research, lesson plan development, or mentoring experiences for faculty or staff.
Funds:  $2,000-$5,000
Elgibility:  Public School Educators or Support Professionals
Deadline: Ongoing

ASCD Teacher Impact Grants
ASCD Teacher Impact Grants (TIGs) provide funding and support directly to teachers for promising teacher-led, administrator-supported ideas, programs, or initiatives to improve education. These grants allow teachers to develop and execute projects that can serve as models to be replicated and scaled.
Funds:  $10,000 average award
Eligibility:  K-12 Teachers
Deadline:  Ongoing

Presidential Awards for Excellence in STEM Mentoring
The NSF seeks to recognize those who have made significant contributions to mentoring and thereby support the future and productivity of the US STEM workforce.
Funds:  $10,000 awards
Eligibility:  Individuals from public and private sectors
Deadline:  Ongoing

Good Sports
Good Sports seeks to help lay the foundation for healthy, active lifestyles by providing athletic equipment, footwear and apparel to disadvantaged youths nationwide. 
Areas:  Must operate an organized sport, recreational activity, or fitness program that offers consistent and structured opportunity for play to large groups of children.
Deadline:  Ongoing

Meemic Foundation
Grants are available for the following programs:  arts, behavior modification, health/pe, history, literature, math, science, social studies, special needs, STEM, technology.  Funding can be used for classroom projects, field trips, school assemblies, and professional development for educators.
Deadline:  Ongoing

Sony Corporation of America
Sony provides to projects that emphasize the arts, culture, technology and the environment.  It seeks to apply its resources to encouraging the creative, artistic, technical and scientific skills required of tomorrow’s workforce.
Deadline:  Ongoing

Student Achievement Grants
The NEA Foundation provides grants to improve the academic achievement of students in U.S. public schools and public higher education institutions in any subject area(s). The proposed work should engage students in critical thinking and problem solving that deepen their knowledge of standards-based subject matter. The work should also improve students’ habits of inquiry, self-directed learning, and critical reflection.
Funds:  $2,000-$5,000
Eligibility:  K-12 Schools
Deadline:  Ongoing

Toshiba America Foundation
This grant is awarded to teachers of two different groups, Kindergarten through fifth grade (in the amount of $1,000) and sixth through twelfth grades (amounts of up to $5,000). Applicants must demonstrate a desire to provide an innovative, technology-focused implementation to improving classroom learning for students.
Funds:  $1,000-$5,000
Eligibility:  K-12 schools
Deadline: Year-round for requests of less than $5,000, and February 1 for $5,000 award level for 6 – 12

Voya Unsung Heroes Awards Program
Each year, 100 educators are selected to receive $2,000 to help fund their innovative class projects. Three of those are chosen to receive the top awards of an additional $5,000, $10,000 and $25,000.
Funds:  $2,000-$25,000
Eligibility:  K-12 Teachers
Deadline:  Ongoing

Motorola Solutions Foundation
Provides support for programs that advance STEM education, preparing the next generation of innovators through its annual Innovation Generation Grant program.
Funds:  $10-50,000
Eligibility:  Schools
Deadline:  2017 deadline TBD

For Students

Extreme Redesign - Engineering
Engineering challenge invites students in grades 6-12 to design an item for 3D printing.
Funds:  $2,500 or $1,000 scholarship
Eligibility:  Students in grades 6-12
Deadline:  March 9, 2017

2017 Law Day Art Contest
Artwork submissions are being accepted for the 2017 Law Day Art Contest from now through March 31.  Students may compete as individuals or in groups. The theme for Law Day 2017 is “The 14th Amendment: Transforming American Democracy.” 
Funds:  $750.00
Eligibility:  Students in grades 9-12
Deadline:  March 31, 2017

Discovery/3M 2017 Young Scientist Challenge
2017 Young Scientist Challenge invites students in middle school to demonstrate their passion for science.
Funds:  $25,000
Eligibility:  Students in grades 5-8
Deadline:   April 19, 2017

El Cafe del Futuro Scholarship Essay Contest
Cafe Bustelo requests applications for its El Cafe del Futuro Scholarship Essasy Contest.  Entrants are asked to describe hwo their Hispanic or Latino heritage, family, and the community in which they grew up in has inspired their desire and motivation to obtain a collete degtree and how they plan to gibe back to their community.
Funds:  $5,000 Scholarships
Eligibility:  College Students
Deadline:  May 26, 2016

Young driver awards and scholarship opportunities 
List of awards and scholarships that include the Digital Responsibility's Don't Text and Drive Scholarship, the Scholarship, and more.
Eligibility and Deadline:  Varies

U.S. Department of State 
The U.S. Department of State has recently announced scholarship opportunities for American high school students to study abroad. 
Eligibility:  High School Students
Deadline:  Varies

TeenDrive 365 Teen Video Challenge
Teen Video Challenge invites young people to highlight safety when it comes to driving.
Funds:  $1,000 to $15,000
Eligibility:  Students in grade 9-12
Deadline:  ongoing

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