Grant Opportunities

 LOOLOOKINGLOOKlLOOKJKL;LKKL;LKJKL;LKJKL;LKJKLlLLLhttp://lLlooklKKKKKKKKBrBBrowse the grants below and let us know if you are interested in further information or help - don't let the deadline pass you by!  Once you seek out  a grant and realize there is available money out there for you to "ask for" - you will wonder why you didn't apply for a grant sooner.  Don't forget to attach a copy of your submitted application for a grant to the Grant Writing Approval Appplication Form and send it to the Grants Department if you apply for a grant on your own. This helps US to help YOU keep track of the grant and submit requests for reimbursement or set up an account for the money sent to you.  You can contact Keely Krueger or Judi Parks at x3078 to assist you in any way.


LISTEN TO A LIFE CONTEST:  Deadline March 31, 2015
The Legacy Project anounced its Listen to a Life Contest, which asks young people to interview a person of their grandparents' generation and write a brief essay about what they learned.  The purpose of the contest is to build connections between young people and anolder generation, to travel through time and learn from the past for a better future.  The contest asks students ages 8-18 to connect with a grandparent or grand-friend age 50 or older and interview them to gather information for the essay they will submit to the contest.  To enter the contest, students are encouraged to read, listen and write.  Students read the rules of the contest, and the book Dream:  A Tale of Wonder, Wisdom & Wishes by Susan V. Bosak. Then write a 300 word essay about a time in the person's life that reflected a hope or dream.  For more information, visit   One top winner will receive a Lenovo ThinkCentre All-in-One computer and a keepsake timepiece from Expressions of Time.

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation solicits applications for is Young Scholars program. The program seeks seventh-graders from low to moderate income families who stand out because of their high academic ability and achievement, persistence, and desire to help others.  Funds:  Individualized educational advising and comprehensive financial support from eighth grade through high school.  Applicants must be entering eighth grade in the fall and have earned grades of all or mostly A's in shcool since sixth grade.  Family income must not exceed $95,000.  Successful Young Scholars are eligible to apply for the foundation's $40,000 per-year college scholarship.

LILY SARAH GRACE:  Deadline:  May 3, 2015
Lily Sarah Grace provides support for teacher-initiated projects that foster an arts-infused approach to inquiry-based learning and that emphasize a holistic methodology that addresses all learners through creativity and the incorporation of the arts as a fundamental tool for learning.  Grants up to $450 - Eligibility K-5 Title I Schools - WEB......

 Crayola, in collaboration with the National Association of Elementary School Principals, seeks applications for the 2015 Creative Leadership Grants program.The program offers grants ofr schools to identify and deliver innovative programs that inspire educators to increase art-infused education.  Funds $2,500 grants and Crayola products valud at $1,000.   WEB.....

PIZZA HUT:  Deadline May 1, 2015
Pizza Hut's Book It!  Program announced the launch of its Passport to a $30k College Plan Sweepstakes.  The sweepstakes will reward a $30,000 College Plan to one student who reaches all of his Book It! reading goals for the 2014-15 school year.  Open to all students K-6.  WEB...


The Foundation provides support in the areas of:  Environmental education. Programs that help both younger and older generations understand a sustainable approach balancing environmental, social, and economic needs. and Literacy. Programs that enhance the availability of reading materials at school and community libraries, enhance rading skills of children and adults, and teach ESL.  WEB:

BP funds an ongoing educational initiative, the "U.S. and Canada A+ for Energy Programme." 
This initiative provides funding for school programs centered on the topic of energy education, so that a new generation of consumers can become aware of the importance of energy as a topic and of their role in preserving it. In the six years of the program, over $16 million in grants have been awarded in the United States;
Read more

Hewlett Packard's Innovations in Education grants benefit secondary schools and colleges and universities.

The program for secondary schools offers 25 grants to public or private school districts with a value of $270,000 each. Assistance comes in the form of cash, HP products and professional development. Innovations must enhance mathematics and science instruction, encouraging students to pursue high-tech careers. Funding can be used to increase leadership capacity, create digital learning environments, have secondary students design and research a current societal need and create high-tech career awareness. The grant award must be used to support four administrators and eight secondary school teachers to conduct pilot projects at one or two schools of their choice.

Hewlett Packard Company
3000 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, CA 94304

KIA MOTORS AMERICA:  Deadline  "Ongoing"

Kia Motors America announced the Double Your Impact campaign with  The campaign is designed to fund 50 percent of classroom projects near Kia's network of more than 755 retail showrooms across the country.  Grants up to $600 to Public Schools for project that will be funded including requests for books, microscopes, field trips, and musical instruments among others.  See website for online contact form.

DISCOVER:  Deadline "Rolling"
Discover's Pathway to Financial Success program provides funding to help schools incorporate financial education inrto the curriculum.  The company has pledged a five year, $10 million investment to the program for public high schools.  To apply schools must meet the following criteria:  *The school has implemented or is looking to imiplement a financial education curriculum; *A measurement tool is or will be in place to assess participation in and comprehension of the financial education curriculum; and *The school agrees to share overall results of the measurement tool's pre and post-curriculum testing with Discover upon the program's completion, to assess what worked and what didn't.  WEB:

FEDEX:  Rolling Dealine
FedEx supports nonprofit organizations involved with disaster relief, child pedestrian safety, and environmenal sustainability.  Funds vary by project and scope. In regards to pedestrian safety, FedEx seeks to support organizations that help keep child pedestrians safe through: Increasing awareness and knowledge of pedestrian safety as an issue; Helping change unsafe child pedestrian behaviors; and Creating environmental improvements to keep child pedestrians safe in local communities.  WEB.

W.K. KELLOGG FOUNDATION:  Deadline Rolling
The W. K. Kellogg Foundation seeks to invest in early child development (from birth through age eight), leading to reading proficiency by third grade, high school graduation, and pathways to meaningful employment.  In 2010, the foundation awarded more than $266 million in charitable grants.  Preference is given to communities where children and families are most in need of high quality early intervention to achieve success by third grade and maintain it beyond. More Info

TECHNOLOGY:  Extron Classroom A/V System - Deadline "Ongoing"
Extron Electronics is offering the opportunity for K-12 schools to enhance their use of education technology with an audiovisual grant.  Using computers, document cameras, and DVD's in the classroom becomes much easier with this enhanced system.  A simple "online" application can be found HERE.

Partners of the Americas solicits applications for its Education and Culture Program Grants. The grants seek to increase mutual understanding and strengthen cooperation between the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean.  Proposed projects must support education and culture, showing involvement of both chapters in the partnership in the planning and implementation, and evidence of follow-up.  Grants up to $3,000 and they must include a match.  Funds for cultural trips, which may include art exhibitions and instruction, musical and theatrical performances, classes for instruments, orchestras or singing, and learning through observation and discussion.  CHECK IT OUT!

The Finish Line Youth Foundation seeks to support organizations that provide opportunities for youth participation in the following areas:  Youth atheltic programs - community-based programs addressing active lifestyle and team building skills; and Camps - established camps with an emphasis on sports and active lifestyle, especially programs serving disadvantaged and special needs kids.  $1,000 to $5,000 grants  Contact

The application is a simple online form that requests contact information as well as information about the classroom environment. The goal of the pilot classroom is to demonstrate how user-friendly and beneficial Extron classroom A/V technology is for students, teachers, and administrators. An Extron grant administrator will review the application and contact the applicant to discuss a project once the information has been submitted.  MUST SEE!

Grants under $100,000 to selected organizations for projects related to health, the environment, or education. In the focus area of education, the foundation looks for programs that address access to education for the underserved and women's empowerment.  Letters of interest may be mailed to - Visit website for more information!  Deadline "Rolling"
Applicants for the Giving Across America program that helps in furthering goals by providing printed materials for fundraising and promotional needs for nonprofits.   Website

Average grant amount $300 for Elementary schools grades 1-5.  Contact Charlie Lovett Fund for
Elementary Drama, 10 Stump Tree Lane, Winston-Salem, NC 27106  Website

Columbia's Global Donation Program seeks to give internationally yet impact locally.  Grants are given in the areas of environmental conservation, outdoor education, and community involvement.  The fund disperses grants through two programs.  Take at look at this one!

HEALTHY STUDENTS:  Deadline "Ongoing"
PCRM's Golden Carrot Awards recognize healthy nutrition offerings of school food services.  Awards of up to $3000 for schools and food service professionals who have developed and implemented healthy, nutritional, and successful school lunch programs.  The award recognizes those programs that offer school children a variety of healthy food choices, including vegetarian choices and nondairy beverages.    Visit

UCT provides scholarships to individuals pursuing college degrees or certification to teach persons with intellectual disabilities.  Grants up to $2,500

CORNELL DOUGLAS FOUNDATION:  Deadline "Rolling for Letters of Inquiry
The Cornell Douglas Foundation provides support  in the areas of: environmental health and justice; land conservation; sustainability of resources; environmental education; and visionary design. Average grants range from $3,000 to $5,000 - website

WELLS FARGO:  Deadline Varies By State
Wells Fargo provides support or community development, education, and human services.  Each state has its own giving guidelines.  Education giving may include, but is not limited to, the following:  The promotion of academic achievement for low to moderate income students with a focus on math, science and technology, and literacy;  Training for teachers and administrators who work with low- and moderate-income students; and the creation/sustainability of school partnerships with parents and guardians, the local community, and the business community.  Web