We have had a great year in the Grants Department!  While we have lots of small grants that we are proud of, we are particularly proud of the PEP Grant and all of the amazing things that are being accomplished by Rob Mecklenburg and Melinda Etnyre for the children of District 200 Schools.  All of the schools are recipients of equipment and programs that are truly exciting.  Because of this grant we were able to send every interested Physical Education teacher to the Illinois State Convention and/or the National SHAPE Convention in Seattle. This opportunity gave our physical education teachers new insights into programs they have never seen before and brought renewed energy and excitement for them to share with their staff and their students.  Ask your children about what's new in the physical education classes they attend!

The Grants Department:  Keely Krueger, Director

                                         Tami Packard, Secretary

                                         Rob Mecklenburg, PEP Grant Coordinator

                                         Melinda Etnyre, PE Instructional Coach



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